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The Leatherette Collection.

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Silver Scales.

This dress is made predominantly from silver leatherette, which has been cut by hand into thousands of pieces. Charity shops were scoured for handbags and purses to dissemble to add to the range of textures and colours- between 30 and 40 were used. The contents of an upholstery sample book were also included, providing a great spectrum of colours around the hem of the dress. Influences include armour, scale covered animals and fish. 

Autumn Leaves

When the 'Silver Scales' was completed, this dress was made to explore the same effect using different colours. It was felt that the silver gown had a wintery and icy feel, so this one was created to reflect a different season. The bright colours of autumn seemed to lend themselves to this style, with each leatherette scale representing a red or gold leaf.

The Huntress.

The Huntress was created as a piece of final year university coursework. Inspiration was drawn from various sources, including armoured animals and fashions of the 18th century. The technique of overlapping small pieces has been used in many 'Duxbury Designs' pieces, but this is it's earliest incarnation. On this occasion the repeated units are rows of metals washers, individually sewn on to the stomacher of the corset.

Bronze Scales





This time all the scales are made of the same fabric.

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