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Costume for a piece by About Time Dance Company


This piece explores the history of Lancashire's cotton mills, with the dance representing different phases in the production of cotton, and the story of the mills. ​​

The costumes needed to be in keeping with the setting of the piece, whilst remaining practical for dance. I wanted to use lots of colours and patterns, to celebrate the variety of forms cotton fabric comes in, and to give the individual performers their own personalities. Pieces of cotton were attached to the costumes, as though they had stuck themselves to the clothes in a flurry of activity in a mill.

The piece was originally performed at the Harris museum in Preston in January 2017, and has been performed across Lancashire in the years since.

Behind The Wall


​​Commissioned by Mirador

This dress formed part of a museum exhibit, shown in Lancaster Museum in March 2017. The dress was made to feature in a film, which depicted a woman donning the multiple layers of clothes required to get a fashionable Victorian silhouette, whilst simultaneously travelling through the fabric printing factory Standfast and Barracks in Lancaster. 

The design for this outfit is inspired by women's fashion of 1964, including a corset, crinoline and underskirt. Each garment represents a different phase of printing, from fabric storage and preparation, to screen printing or modern digital printing. The choice of each fabric corresponds to the stage of printing that it represents, with more and more colour being introduced throughout, celebrating the technology, skill and chemicals and which come together in this wonderful local industry, to make possibilities in fashion and style.

Creatures Collective
The Jellyfish are one of a selection of walk-about theatre acts created with Creatures Collective. This is a group created by teaming the creative costume work of Duxbury Designs with the mesmerising dance talents of Lancashire based performers Jenny Reeves and Lucy Starkey.
The Jellyfish roam freely through the crowds, exploring the human world with their enchanting graceful movement. They dance, bubble and sparkle, entertaining with their uplifting and curious personalities.
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