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The Sea Collection.



The colours and textures of sand and rocks along the shores of Morecambe Bay have informed the colour scheme of this dress, combined with the appearance of fish trapped in nets, and debris washed up on the beach.

Leftover parts of bags used in the creation of the 'Silver Scale' and 'Autumn Leaves' dresses found their home here, along with buttons, beads and belts. There's even some fishing net found on the beach incorporated into the headpiece.

The unusual latex fabric of the scales was chanced upon whilst in a fabric shop, and proved an irresistable find.



2014/ 2016


This dress is based on the appearance of a jellyfish, with floaty lace and trailing tendrils. It has an umbrella-like net dome, and matching beaded crown.


Originally one costume, this is now a piece of three characters, a tiny colony of Jellyfish who can float around together!

The Mermaid


It is often remarked that many of the 'Duxbury Designs' creations are rather fish like, and so Katie decided to cave in to her inner child and make a mermaid costume! Sticking with the theme of recycled scraps and charity shop finds, a stock pile of scales was built up. The base fabric was a very opportune find- an old pair of curtains remarkably suited to the task. 

Seaside Sunset



This came into being as a scheme to use up fabric scraps- for all those bits that were to small to be used for anything else (and some larger pieces that needed using up!). This meant fabric that might previously have been thrown away would now be cut into rectangles. These were then folded and pressed to keep the raw edges inside, and were used to cover the surface of a full circle skirt. The bodice is constructed of similar fabric, and covered in buttons and lace.

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