This dress was inspired by a specific location. Grizedale Hall (found in the Lake District) is little more than a grass covered terrace nowadays. The grounds in front used to be home to a campsite, where Katie Duxbury spent several holidays with her family as a child. Only recently it occurred to her to find out more of the history of the place, and she was surprised to discover that the hall had been built in 1903- less than a century prior to her camping adventures there. It was demolished a relatively short time later in 1957. This seemed a little sad, having always presumed it to have stood for generations, holding centuries of history.  The dress is a kind of mourning gown to a story cut short. The shape is based on fashions of the early 1900s, combined with the look of overgrown mossy stonework.

White Scales


This is an exploration into the idea of alternative wedding attire. It features a structured bodice and scale covered skirt that is worn as a coat over a simple dress. It features wide a variety of fabrics, including, taffeta, wool, satin, brocade and velvet. The scales are all edged with hand cut bias binding to highlight the layout of the pieces.

The Flapper


This 1920s and dancewear inspired dress was created using a tangled string curtain found in a home sotre's bargain corner! The curtain was carefully cut into shorter lengths, each on folded in half and sewn on by hand.

@ 2021 Katie Duxbury

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