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The multicoloured gallery.



Metres upon metres of fabric strips have been gathered into ruffles, and sewn in a spiral from the hem of the skirt to the waist. This is a fun effect, with much potential for recreating in different colours and at different lengths- perhaps in full length bridal gowns. 

Yellow Pattern Dress


The idea for this dress came entirely from the fabric itself. It was the most eye catching and cheerful fabric in the shop, and was begging to be transformed into something fabulous, in spite of it not being a conventional fabric for a floor length gown. The mass of jersey strips create lots of movement, making it a fun dress to wear!

Seaside Sunset

The neon update- 2017

The seaside sunset costume (featured also in the Sea Collection in its original form) was updated in 2017. It brings in the mysterious new element of phosphorescence- a phonomenon that occurs in the oceans, and can be seen at certain beaches of the world. This is a remarkable occurrence, where the disturbance of waves in the water causes a chemical reaction in microscopic sea life, which emits light. 

Workshop Rainbow



This dress was created with the help of several volunteers at a workshop day at the Dukes Theatre Lancaster in April 2014, during the run of the Duxbury Designs exhibition there. The basic shape was created in advance, and volunteers helped cut out the scale shapes and sew them on. For many it was their first go on a sewing machine, but they brought along much enthusiam and collectively a lot was achieved!

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